Sunday, June 19, 2011

Powerman, Iron Fist, and Woodlands

It's been pretty busy this past week!  In addition to studio-work I've been sorting out the final details on CCP Comics' Reichenbach #1 (debuting this weekend at the Albequerque Comic Expo!) playing with some color-work for a friend and trying to come up with drawings to put in a sketchbook; alas, too little too late on that last bit :\  Ah well, maybe in time for the next show.

In the meantime, Saturday I took a walk around the neighborhood and jotted down some plantlife.

Another of my side-projects right now is a portfolio-piece of Powerman and Iron Fist because the old-school-iterations are such fun characters.  It's still in-progress; I intend to color it in Photoshop sooner or later and slap some marker-toning over the original.  I wish I'd thought to put it in the scanner while it was still in pencils.

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