Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nananananananana Batman!

One of my side projects for the past little while has been a piece for a lady who wanted a birthday present for her husband -- Of him being rescued from the Joker by Batman.  It sounded like a fun job, so I said sure -- And since I thought to scan it at various points, I can share some of the making of it!

I started off sending some rough sketches her way, to gauge what direction she wanted me to go in..
...And as it turned out, she really liked two of 'em and asked if I could make it a two-panel comic page. Groovy!
(This is an animated GIF; click inside to watch!)

Here's the final piece drawn with brush-ink, Prismacolor marker, and color-pencil on 11"x17" Bristol.  I hope it feels as fun as it was to draw!

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