Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nerd Poker Fan Arts

For those who haven't listened Nerd Poker is a podcast by Brian Posehn & Friends, all professional writers/actors/entertainers, and since its beginning has been one of the most entertaining and thoroughly fun parts of my iTunes feed.  It's made its way to my easel before and probably will again in the future... The latest episode, not to spoil anything, gave me a lot of visuals to consider :)  But for now, some sketches!  These were done on toned paper -- The first using black and white inks, and the second with a Tuscan Red Col-Erase and a Conte pencil.

Damien Wormwood Darkommen, Brian Posehn's dark cleric and Priest of Judas.
I was actually able to give that Damien drawing to Brian Posehn at his Austin Books signing on Saturday :D  I didn't have time to chat because there was a long line and I'd actually sneaked away from my table at Staple! to be there, but it was great getting to say hi at least!

Blaine Capatch's pragmatic Blackie Green chooses not to waste a perfectly good Levitate spell even though its recipient was, shall we say, no longer using it.
Fun stuff :D  If you haven't already, give the show a listen!

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