Friday, September 27, 2013

Bigfoots? Bigfeet?

For the past while I've been tasked with drawing a sasquatch for a Texas Cryptids compendium-comic.  While planning the creature design I decided to have fun with it and try out a variety of styles, sorta hoping that the spitballing-process would unlock some sort of attitude or features that I might not have thought of otherwise.  I feel like the design still has a few things yet to be resolved before it's a final product, but it is at least pretty unique as sasquatches go -- And some of the cartoonier designs, while not appropriate for the task, are kinda going somewhere.

I'd still like to have more control over my technique.  As a line-artist in a service studio I'm supposed to pride myself on versatility -- And all the drawings, however different they are, still came from the same school of thought.  A real challenge of artistic range would be to identify your hallmarks and learn to break them. The question for me is, where do you start?

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