Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Prepping for Alamo City Comic Con!

Howdy all,

It's pretty busy times around here.  I'm getting ready for Alamo City Comic Con at the end of October, where I'll be at Table A-94 with prints on hand, sketchbooks, and paper for sketching!  The next two weeks will be kind of a mad dash to finish up what I can to have on display, but I'll also be taking a limited number of pre-commissions up until then.  If you're interested then send me an e-mail for inquiries -- You can have a funky piece of Chris Beaver artwork waiting for when you find me, and help me afford to eat while I'm there!  Everybody wins :D

For now, I have a couple'a things to show ya -- One is a Hellboy sketchbook drawing that I did as a free sketch in the grand opening of Capstone Comics' new store here in Austin, and one is a sneak-preview of an illustration I'm currently working on.  You'll be able to see the final piece at Alamo City (and maybe other, future shows), but only there until I can get my scanner working!

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