Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dapper Sasquatch

Howdy all,

Here's a sneak peek at an all-new print I'll have out at Alamo City Comic Con!  It'll also hopefully be appearing in Mark Nasso's Doom Ranch 5000 in some future installment :D

You may remember the rough sketches from a couple'a weeks ago.  I feel like I accidentally demonstrated one of the perks of the doodling process -- This piece ended up being far simpler (and yet quirkier) than the original concept because I let my mind wander with the possibilities and happened to hit on something very different along the way that intrigued me.  Nice when that works out!

Again, you'll find this and other prints (and me!) at table A-94in Artists' Blvd  :)  Hope to see you there!

(By the way -- Space is still open for pre-commissions leading up to the show!)

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