Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Austin Motion Artists Group animates "Mmkit" by The Octopus Project!

This is a project that I had the pleasure to work on a couple'a weeks ago!  The Austin Motion Artists Group, wanting to showcase and celebrate the local animation scene, organized an event in which a bunch of talent was corraled, each one given a beginning-frame and end-frame, who then had 48 hours to animate ~12 seconds of animation.  The final product came out pretty amazingly:

Austin Anijam 2014 - The Octopus Project "Mmkit" from Austin Motion Artists Group on Vimeo.

It's passed 100,000 views and now been labeled a Staff Pick on Vimeo, which I really kinda can't believe.  Watch and enjoy!

I was part of the crew that produced the segment with the 2d-animated cyclops and octopus.  We all came up with the direction together and then Ryan Cullen animated the cyclops, Louie Granda animated the octopus, I made animate'able assets for the environments and the explosion, and Willis Bulliner did the compositing. Awesome job, guys!

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