Saturday, February 15, 2014

Austin Zoo Sketching!

More life-drawing to report today -- This time, however, with some very different models!  I went downtown with a few friends to spend a few hours at The Austin Zoo & Animal Sanctuary, which is a great place to support and a great place to draw.  Animal drawing is, if you'll pardon the expression, a very different beast from human figure drawing -- Along with having to analyze and teach yourself whole different configurations of anatomy, you have to work really quick because it's entirely coincidental on the animal's part if it holds a pose for you.  It's great practice for control and accuracy -- Both of which I still need way more practice in, but that's why I was there.  Here are some of the more decent sketches to come out of the afternoon -- Hope you enjoy!

One day I'll find a way for these Col-Erase pencils to survive scanning...

Drawn with a Prismacolor brush-tip marker.  There was a lot of snoozing goin' on around 1:00.

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