Sunday, June 19, 2011

Powerman, Iron Fist, and Woodlands

It's been pretty busy this past week!  In addition to studio-work I've been sorting out the final details on CCP Comics' Reichenbach #1 (debuting this weekend at the Albequerque Comic Expo!) playing with some color-work for a friend and trying to come up with drawings to put in a sketchbook; alas, too little too late on that last bit :\  Ah well, maybe in time for the next show.

In the meantime, Saturday I took a walk around the neighborhood and jotted down some plantlife.

Another of my side-projects right now is a portfolio-piece of Powerman and Iron Fist because the old-school-iterations are such fun characters.  It's still in-progress; I intend to color it in Photoshop sooner or later and slap some marker-toning over the original.  I wish I'd thought to put it in the scanner while it was still in pencils.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Naked Lunch, June 11

On the second Saturday of every month here in Austin, there's a life-drawing session called Naked Lunch that caters to animators and comic artists through poses that are very quick (7 minutes maximum; no pose longer than a Warner Bros. short), with emphasis on action and storytelling.  Today's was a blast; we had two models, a husband-and-wife team (unfortunately I didn't catch their names) who really knocked it out of the park!

Naked Lunch usually starts with an hours' worth of 1-minute poses, but with two models the time was doubled to two minutes.  For this round the guy was wearing a satyr outfit complete with stubby little horns, and the girl was wearing a kind of a fairy costume.  What I really loved was how they told a whole story through their poses -- I wish I could've done it justice.  Usually I'll do a lot of bouncing back-and-forth between tools during these drawings to figure out what I'm working best with on the day, but this time I stuck to a Sharpie marker throughout.

Next was a round of 6-minute poses (3 for each model, basically).  The models switched to ancient-Greek costumes.  Started out with colored-pencils, but pretty quickly it became clear that they weren't getting me very far and I switched back to the Sharpie.

After those came the 7-minute poses.  To stay in keeping with the rules, these were done with only one model on-stage at a time.  All were drawn with a Pentel brush-pen loaded with sepia-tone ink.
(not happy with this one.  Even by my standards her head's way too big, and the pre-drawing in pencil didn't help anything.  From here I just drew freehand.)

(For the record, she was holding a flower over her pelvis.. The angle I was drawing from didn't quite catch that :\ )
All in all, a great use of an afternoon!  If you're in town, it's a session that's very much worth checking out :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pulling into the Parking Space...

Howdy!  Chris Beaver here..  I'm an animator, comic artist, proponent of drawing, and all-around art nerd.  Looking forward to getting settled in here to start posting some of my work!