Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daily Sketch Theme: "In spaaaaace"

Daily Sketch Theme: "Out On A Limb"!

Daily Sketch Theme: "Birds!"

AVAA, Aug. 15 & 22

AVAA is short for the Austin Visual Arts Association, and among their other activities they hold life-drawing sessions multiples times a week! In the past couple of weeks I've been trying to get back in the habit of hitting their Monday night sessions.  Here's a sampling of what's come of that.

Naked Lunch + Doctor Sketchy sketches -- August 13 & 14

(I'm late posting these; sorry :\)
The session started off as always, with a bunch of 1-minute gestures, then went to 3-minute and 7-minute poses...

..And by the time the session was over I was furious at myself over what I'd managed over the course of the three hours.  I know short-pose life-drawing isn't about producing good artwork, but that wasn't much consolation.  I'm clearly not where I wanna be, so the next day I also hit a Doctor Sketchy session that happened to be in town.  The theme?  Conan The Barbarian!

They brought a pro bodybuilder down from Dallas to be the model for Conan, and he was backed up by models Taffeta Darling (in the Red Sonja costume) and Danni Danger as an intrepid cavegirl.  All the while they had contests running and the Conan soundtrack from the 80's as the background music.  That's the makings for a pretty fun session!