Saturday, February 11, 2012

Naked Lunch!

This month's model was the always-great Michelle Keffer!  Good to keep practicing..

Here are the one-minute sketches:


...And the 7-minutes I bothered to scan:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back to Work!

I slept last night, and ohhhh was it awesome.

Hadn't really done enough of that lately.  Most'a this past week I put in overtime at Powerhouse Animation, making up for missing last Friday because all the weekend before that was convention time!

New Orleans!  The Big Easy!  NOLA!  It was my first time in the town, and I must be honest, I wasn't mentally prepared for the party it proved to be.  Normally we'll roll in, have a nice dinner someplace near the hotel, and spend the rest of the evenings hanging around in the hotel lobby and drawing on this or that.  This is not what happens in N'Awlins.

What happens in N'Awlins is, you roll into a restaurant like Mulate's filled with live music and dance, and you're presented with the best food and drink you can ever remember tasting.  Perhaps you partake in a little more to verify that yes, yes indeed, it is the best.  Perhaps a few buddies get in on the music. Perhaps a few other buddies decide they want some beignets, and you find yourself following them down Bourbon Street in the middle of the night to find some and yes, it turns out that they ARE that wonderful.  That's New Orleans.  It's an overwhelming feast that makes you want even more, and somehow when you go for more it gets even better.  What a glorious, dangerous scenario.

Next year I come armed with this knowledge.  Either I'll just plan not to work after dark or I'll stick to the hotel like my life depends on it.  A guy could stand to save a lot'a money that way; that awesome food I mentioned, it isn't cheap :D

Anyways -- The show!  Great times had; got to have a lot of fun, snap photos of a lot of cosplayers, came home with a few more trades to read and a few fewer prints & sketch-cards to sell.  I'm pleased to report that the X-23 piece Vo Nguyen and I collaborated on sold like crazy out there; the whole 40-print run was gone an hour before closing on the first day!

I wasn't able to get pictures of all the sketches I did throughout, but here are the few I was able to:


Drawn on red illustration board with ink and a touch of white gel-pen. 

(Not actually drawn in New Orleans, but a few nights ago at a pizza-place in Austin)

Another sketch card.

Looking forward to my next appearance!  It'll be Staple here in Austin in March; I don't know how official my set-up's going to be, but I'll have some fun stuff to show off!  In the meantime, there's a Naked Lunch session next week.  Don't let me forget to post the results!