Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dr. Sketchy's -- Sky Candy Edition!

I just got in from a most unusual evening.  Sadly I hadn't had to chance to go figure-drawing for awhile due to this or that, but tonight's Dr. Sketchy's was too tempting an offer to pass up -- A special session held with an entire team of aerialist performers at their studio downtown!  What I didn't expect was that they'd all be modeling poses in the air at once -- Sometimes in paired-poses.  Holy cow, figure-drawing overload!  Most of the poses held for only 5 minutes or less, so it was a scramble to just scribble down everything I could.  I worked mostly in Sharpie-marker, kept things simple & gestural, and broke out pencil for just a couple of tighter drawings (one of which I gave to the performer it was based on; sorry)

Fun fact -- The pencil drawing I've included here actually won me a free class in aerial-acrobatics :D  Looking forward to that, and hoping I don't get cold feet before I can make it happen!
They had some running themes going through the session -- This one was for "Best Incorporation of a Mythical Sea Monster."

Near the top-left you can see the original sketch I based the pencil sketch off of!

Top-center is some pretty abominable cropping |:\  Gotta pay better attention to that.