Thursday, November 12, 2015

Extra Life D&D Campaign WrapUp!

Now that the weekend's over, the apartment is finally back in order, and I've finally gotten the chance to rest a bit, I just wanted to catch everybody up with the D&D Weekend – All in all, it was an enormous success! With the help of some amazing friends around the table and all the awesome folks who joined us on the Twitch-stream were able to raise $445 for the Dell Childrens' Hospital via Extra Life, and had a great time doing it! Thank you to everyone who supported this project, and I hope you'll support Extra Life in years to come!

The big day has come and gone but if you'd still like to donate, my fundraiser page is still open – I think it may continue to be through the rest of the year. While we've already surpassed my personal goal, I'm sure the hospital would welcome any added help :)

All these drawings came from the month of Inktober, which I tried to leverage as an advertising tool (and planning tool) for the D&D campaign while also practicing my chops in ink-drawing.  The original plan was for a full 31, one for each day of the month, but work & life got well in the way of that :\  Maybe next year -!  I think I might've at least beat out last year's effort.