Monday, November 17, 2014

Commission Time!

Realized it's been awhile since I've updated; sorry about that :\  It's been busy times.  The good news is, I have a lot to share since Alamo City!  I'll space it out a bit so as not to overload, but for now I'll just show off a piece I wrapped up over the weekend.  I've had a number of commissions waiting in the wings for awhile as I've dealt with work-overtime and the #Inktober challenge and moving to a new place and a lot of busy personal-life scheduling --  Finally getting to a place where I can settle in to knock out some artwork for folks!

This was a commission for a fellow who wanted to see a female Venom, mid-transformation.  I spent #Inktober trying to develop my inking technique, and looking at how this turned out I'm glad I did.  I'm not sure I could have pulled it off quite the same way even a month ago.  That's how I try to see all my work; every piece a step-stone to improvement.  I need to be honest -- I have three commissions remaining on my queue right now, and I'm afraid of the last one.  I'm gradually refining the pencil-work on it but it's huge, and it includes many characters who are real-world people, and it's based on a famous illustration so I need to make it at least as good as that guy.  It's intimidating, and it's taking forever to Rocky-montage my way up to it -- But I remind myself, the dude who commissioned this believed in my work strongly enough to put money on my ability to pull it off.  It's on me to prove him right.

Anyways, that's my philosophy on commissions.  Creators, art-buyers, how do you look at commissioned artwork? What do you look for, or what repels?