Sunday, January 15, 2012

Down to New Orleans!


So... Evidently, the last time I posted an update was on November 14.  About the same time I started playing Skyrim :X  There are certain conclusions one might draw from that, but I actually haven't so much as launched the game in over two weeks now -- Been busy at the grindstone!

First off, there have been not one but TWO Naked Lunch sessions, which means lots'a life drawings..

I've also been readying new stuff to sell for New Orleans Wizard World, going down on Jan. 28 and 29 in Big Easy, Louisiana.  Started small with sketch cards..

..And an inkwash of the Spectre, which was a lot of fun to do so here's hoping I'll learn enough to continue..
..And then some full-sized 11" x 17" prints!

Pencils and inks by Vo Nguyen!

So, yeah!  If you want to come out to NOWW and buy up some'a this stuff, I'll appreciate it :D

Meantime, I'll try to get back on top of updating around here!