Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nerd Poker!

Probably my favorite podcast to listen to is Earwolf's Nerd Poker, starring Brian Posehn and Friends. The premise? A gang of buddies, actors, comedians, and comedy writers sits down in front of a tableful of mics and plays D&D for an hour, and the results are some of the most hilarious audio ever captured. I've never even played D&D -- But because it sounded so fun, I did recently get into a Shadowrun game with some of
my buddies. Good Times :D

Out of love for the show, and needing a subject to practice on traditional inking-media, I sketched up my take on the characters.  These are all drawn with crowquill pen and sable-brush.

(Sorry the last one's a photograph; I had my HD crash on me this past week and I haven't been able to get my scanner to cooperate ever since.)

Sir Richard of Glinishmore, played by Gerry Duggan (writer of Deadpool)

Brian Posehn's character, Amarth Amon!

Ken's Dragonborn, Barthoset Bu'rall!

Blaine's Blackie Green, with pet/R2/spatial singularity Stargoyle!

Mildred Maxxton, Dwarf Fighter!