Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dr. Sketchy's, 5/19

This afternoon I found out that there was a Dr. Sketchy's event going on downtown a few hours later --  As luck would have it, I had time enough to make it!  The model was a burlesque performer/cosplayer Ms. Gemmi Galactic.  Great time had!

Started off with warm-up sketches, featuring Gemmi in a Dorothy-in-Oz costume.

After the first break she changed into a Poison Ivy costume, complete with face paint I never did justice to.

One of the contests they ran throughout the session was for everyone to interpret a pose as a comic panel.  I won a pop-up book!
I was pretty tired before going, but fortunately my lady-friend was able to talk me into it.  I know I need to train up -- ComicPalooza is not even a week away, and I'm slated to run a table!  I'll be drawing all weekend, and I'll have a couple of new prints to show -- If you're going, I hope you'll hunt me down at Table 1433 and say hi!