Sunday, May 24, 2015

Comicpalooza Coloring Demo!

For those who came out to Comicpalooza today (or were just interested), here's the working copy of the final file, prior to merging down to the files export!  Also within this folder is a Doc-file of meditations on the process.  The basic moral is that you can do basically anything and build as high as you need, so long as you have a fairly ordered structure and a few smart work habits.

Download away!

Other recommended reading:

Color and Light, by James Gurney.  One of the modern masters of color theory whose insights are valuable even in our hypersaturated world of four-color comics.

Muddy Colors, a daily-updated blog curated by some of the brightest names in art and illustration.  Every post is a gem, but some are super useful for process.  Keep an eye out!

Adobe's Photoshop Default Keyboard Shortcuts.  Well worth knowing!

Also, I promised a pack of the brushes I used:  That, too, is on its way!  Sorry; check back in a couple days.  Need to get some time aside to reverse-engineer and compile them :X

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